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Wire Fox Terrier

Limited Edition Bronze Sculptures
- work in progress -

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The price of the bronze will not be determined until the foundry cost is finalized.
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lost wax spruing... gatinglost wax spruing... gating

The next step is Spruing... The wax dog copy is "spruced" with a treelike structure of wax that will eventually provide paths for molten bronze to flow and air to escape. The carefully planned spruing begins with a wax "cup," which is attached by wax cylinders/tubes/rods to various points on the wax dog copy. Here the cup is the brown colored wax, attached to the red wax cylinders/tubes/rods.

lost wax spruing... gatinglost wax spruing... gating

left: a front view of the spruing. right: the core pins are pictured here. The pins are used to suspend the interior plaster of the hollow wax. Without a fill the entire dog sculpture would end up as one sold bronze piece.

lost wax spruing... gatinglost wax spruing... gating

Bamboo skewers were used to help reinforce the wax cylinders/tubes/rods. The right image shows 1/8" rods, they will serve as vents. The gases must be allowed to escape.

lost wax spruing... gatinglost wax spruing... gating

Additional vents are added to under cuts and sections of the wax casting that may prevent a smooth flow of the molten bronze.

Well the bonze pour was very disappointing. Gases were unable to escape; therefore, we had poor results. The whole piece will have to be re-poured. The right image shows a part of the tail that did not capture the detail. The investment had a weak point near the tail section.

After removing most of the investment, I was able to note additional imperfections in the pour. There are just too many flaws and trying to salvage the piece would just take too long.

from a distance the bronze looks fine...


left: Detail view of one of the legs show more of the imperfections.
right: View of the tail section, shows a good portion of the tail that did not develop. At first my thought was to remove the tail and weld on a new tail, but at this point it is easier to redo the entire bronze. A new wax cast will be poured from the mold and this time a ceramic shell will be used.

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