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African Male Lion life-size - Bust / Head-Study

Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture
edition size: 50

The african lion's mane begins to take shape
The Lion's Mane begins to take shape...

I decided to extend the mane in order to sculpt what can be considered the lions entire mane. Cutting the mane short was not pleasing my eye and the bust was missing balance.

The image above give you the general idea of where I am going with the look and feel for this African Lion bust sculpture. The sculpture will still need many hours of detailing, for my taste, the sculpture right now lacks too much detail.

It definitely looks like I need to place an order for more Chavant clay to complete the mane.


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Here I am applying heat to the lion's mane in order to soften the clay. Working with this hard clay in the month of January is very hard on the fingers.
The mane is missing balance...
The mane is tweaked ...
Adding hair to the front of the crown, just between the ears seems to work.

I think this just might do the trick. The image shows the general idea of how much the mane extends. I am also thinking of adding about three inches to the bottom of the sculpture, this will give the bottom of the mane a place to set gracefully.

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Note, our bronze sculptures are true bronze, cast in
the traditional lost-wax method - not “cold-cast bronze”, which is a resin blend.


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