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Rhodesian Ridgebacks vs. Lion

Limited Edition Bronze Sculptures
- work in progress -

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Rhodesian Ridgeback vs lion - concept for bronzeridgeback vs. lion - clay lion
concept for sculpture
Rhodesian Ridgebacks vs. LionRhodesian Ridgebacks vs. Lion

Lion's head: The artist likes to first work on the head of his subjects. The heads tend to be the hardest sections to complete. If the likeness is not achieved then the audience tends to loose interest in the overall sculpture.

Once 80% of the lion's head is completed, it will be attached to the body.

Rhodesian Ridgebacks vs. Lion - lion head proofRhodesian Ridgebacks vs. Lion - lion head proof
Rhodesian Ridgebacks vs. Lion - lion head proofRhodesian Ridgebacks vs. Lion - lion head proof
Caesar decided to give the lion a bad hair day. It made more sense than to have the hair organized. In a few days, the artist will revisit the piece to see if any more changes need to be made. The body will be attached to the head in about a week’s time. The head still need more detail in the mouth and on the lion’s mane.
the clay lion sculpture is being posed for the scenethe clay lion sculpture is being posed for the scene

Here the lion's head is attached to its rough body. Working out the correct proportions before adding the detail is the artist's goal. For now, the pose will stay as is; perhaps Caesar will alter it later. The lion’s pose will have to be convincing enough to believe he just clawed a Ridgeback with his left paw.

lion sculpture completed for bonzelion sculpture completed for bonze
ridgeback vs. lion - clay lionridgeback vs. lion - clay lion
Completed lion sculpture ready for molding. Next I will start the Rhodesian Ridgeback sculptures.
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Note, our bronze sculptures are true bronze, cast in
the traditional lost-wax method - not “cold-cast bronze”, which is a resin blend.

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