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Rhodesian Ridgebacks vs. Lion

Limited Edition Bronze Sculptures
- work in progress -

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The price of the bronze will not be determined until the foundry cost is finalized.
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Rhodesian Ridgeback sculptureRhodesian Ridgeback sculpture
Rhodesian Ridgeback sculptureRhodesian Ridgeback sculpture

The images above show the Rhodesian Ridgeback clay sculpture about 70% complete. Right now, Caesar is trying to achieve the correct confirmation. The muscles, tail and bone structure are the main focus here. At this point work will stop until Caesar has allowed the breeders/experts of this breed to critique the sculpture. It is impossible to obtain 100% consensus from all breeders; however, obtaining about 90% approval from the Rhodesian Ridgeback community is the goal. The sculptor will not allow this sculpture to proceed until it meets the breed's correct standard.

sculpting tools and materialsculpting tools and material
To answer a viewer's questions on the materials and tools used...
Left: The sculptor enjoys using glyptic modeling and sculpture tools they provide many profiles to choose from. Right: The clay that is exclusively used is Chavant's NSP hard Plasteline. The clay cannot be purchased from the Chavant directly; therefore, one will be referred to one of their distributors. Word of caution, this clay tends to be very hard for most sculptors; however, this is one of the main reasons Caesar enjoys using this clay. It endures constant handling of the sculpture without altering the detail.
sculpting tools and materialsculpting tools and material

Left: Caesar's bag of tricks for his current projects. Right: brick of clay with the two tools he uses 80% of the time. The one with the wooden handle a burnisher tool and the other is a dental tool with a home made clay grip added. After many hours of modeling ones hands will cramp up.

sculpting reference materialsculpting reference material

Reference material: At times the artist finds himself spending hours/days obtaining the correct reference materials for his projects. Left: An excellent paper back on the anatomy of dogs, horses, lions...ect.. Right: Cory, a local ridgeback breeder was kind enough to donate this issue of the Ridgeback Register.

sculpting tools and materialsculpting tools and material

Left: A denatured alcohol torch used to soften the clay as the sculptor works the clay. Sometimes Caesar will use a blow dryer or heavy duty heat-gun to soften the clay. Caution, the heated clay will burn your skin. Right: The bottle contains mineral sprits (thinner) used to smooth or blend the clay. It is comparable to using water on water-based clay. The bushes and container are used to apply the solvent.

Rhodisian Ridgeback is about 80% completeRhodisian Ridgeback is about 80% complete
I will continue on the dog model in May 2009
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Note, our bronze sculptures are true bronze, cast in
the traditional lost-wax method - not “cold-cast bronze”, which is a resin blend.

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