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Gallery 2

Bronze Koi Sculpture
(with frog & lilly pads extra)

Limited Edition of 25

19" h x 14 " w x 25.5" d
"over all dimensions "
Base: Stone may vary from marble to granite (images below shows bronze with a green marble stone base)
Terrain: bronze driftwood

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all other orders please contact us for shipping quote

The koi a living jewel cherished by koi hobbyist around the world. Koi come in many patters and colors. I introduced  color without having the bronze lose its bronze look and feel. Too much opaque color is frowned on by some bronze collectors. Therefore, I used semi-transparent patinas to allow the under layers to show.

The bronze portrays a 27” koi at the surface of a pond with its mouth open; anticipating food. Yes, the body type of the koi is consistent with a female’s confirmation. The female koi are wider than the males.

The size and meticulous artistic quality of this bronze statue makes a grand statement in any office or home setting.

This bronze koi statue was cast at Andevan Bronzeworks located in Burbank, California. The foundry uses the finest pure bronze available. The foundries talented team of artisans is very consistent in the quality of bronzes they fabricate.

The foundry’s patina artist applied the patina under high heat so that it has permanently fused into the bronze itself. This is a high quality and classic work of fine art that will continue to be cherished for centuries.

The sculpture is mounted onto a marble base, has a sizeable presence at 19" high, by 14" wide; 25.5” in depth. It is numbered and signed by me.

If you would like additional information, please write to me at handsofcaesar@gmail.com.


For those that know of the two smaller koi, they were not produced; they have been shelved for a future project.

 statue bronze koi

The 27" (tail to nose) bronze koi under went multiple critiques from koi judges and hobbyist. The Nishiki Koi Club of Southern California played a huge part in helping me fine tune the koi confirmation.


statue bronze koi and bronze frog

Bronze koi sculpture with frog and lilly pads.


statue bronze koi

statue bronze koi

Rear side view.



This side carries the seal.


statue bronze koi

statue bronze koi

The bronze can be patina in any color or pattern. Moreover, I can create a custom patina to match your favorite koi.


statue bronze koi   statue bronze koi

Open mouth koi reminds me of feeding time.



Profile of koi.


statue bronze koi   statue bronze koi

Top view of koi.



Artist Seal.